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JEE is not all about numerical but CONCEPT

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Its 80% hardwork, 15% intelligence, 5%luck

More you practice the More you score

Frequently asked questions

JEE Mains is not very different from JEE Advanced except for it requires speed with accuracy. Scoring in JEE Mains can be as high as 100% hence to score that you need good speed which one can achieve by practising a hell lot of questions and model test papers. Practising questions doesn’t necessarily means mugging up the problems and solutions but understanding the problem quickly and imagining a path to its solution.

One thing that is very important for JEE Mains is manual calculations. Since calculator is not allowed in the exam hall one needs to have very good calculation skills to achieve good marks. It is suggested that one should learn the common and natural logarithm value of most prime numbers, also the sine value of the same. Keep yourself away from calculator for two years as this hamper you develop fast and manual calculations. Chemistry is always high scoring hence thoroughly go through NCERT books and solve all the problems. Physics is tricky, one can score high in physics if equipped properly with all mathematical tools and can visualise the problem well. 

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